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Estate Planning

Estate plans are essential but can be more complex than most people realize. Downloading forms from the internet may seem empowering to some; however, these forms, even if completely filled in, may not include all the necessary language and provisions to stand up to Texas probate court scrutiny.

Estate planning documents are not only valuable to streamline probate after you pass away, but also serve to communicate your wishes about handling your assets and medical treatment while you are alive if you are suddenly ill or injured and cannot communicate for yourself. Designating to whom you wish to have certain assets in your will, preserving your assets in your trust, appointing a trusted agent to speak on your behalf to ensure you get the medical treatment you desire and drafting a power of attorney for your financial affairs can create peace of mind. If you are a business owner, creating a succession plan for your business is also be worth exploring.

At Money Law Firm, our attorneys can answer your questions about the myriad legal instruments available, such as:

  • Wills
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Transfer on death deeds (TODD)
  • Decision-making agreements
  • Living wills/medical directives
  • Small estate affidavits

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Straightforward Guidance

Grief and confusion after the death of a loved one can complicate probating their estate. Locating a will or a trust can be overwhelming, yet necessary to proceed to ensure their final affairs are in order. It is important to note that not all property is subject to probate. For example, because life insurance policies and 401(k) accounts have named beneficiaries, the distribution of these assets occurs outside of the probate process. Also, real property with certain title designations, or a transfer on death deed, will not be subject to probate.

After your loved one dies, the probate process for a simple estate could be complete in about six months. But if there is no will, or the terms of the will are in dispute, the probate process could last a year or longer. Our probate attorneys can guide you through the challenges of probate and ensure the process is completed in an orderly, timely manner.

Contact Us For Estate Planning And Probate

At Money Law Firm, we understand many people put off estate planning because they are afraid to approach the inevitable or do not understand the significance of establishing an estate plan. Email us or call our attorneys today at 903-455-1600 to learn how we can help you with estate planning or probate.